I lost control with everybody

Begging me to run
I lost my home and now i find

Myself out on the street
I lost my way while walking through

A city at all noon
I lost my shoe while running from

The nightmare in the sun
The friend had led to be the devil

In your side
The girl who's rid me of all reason

With her life
But i had to smile when meeting

Alcoholics on the street
This man's mind is not the way the

World is supposed to be
But you don't understand me
It's not the way i used to be
But doesn't it seem so strange?
If you don't do the exchange

The girl is somebody i didn't

Said hello, tonight's to be a

Blessing in disguise
When he sold your soul, he's

Hanging round the branches of a

Turned around don't recognise the

Face that it once been
But i lost control!
I lost control!
I lost control!
I lost control, wow a wow, a woah!

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