My life was just a dream
Equilibrium maintained by authority
Captive rage... is it an obscenity ?
The questions were asked for me
Following the path dictated by society
Didnot mind where was the stream...
but I was happy

They took away my holy flesh
Destroying all I possessed
They must be eradicated
Their blood must spill to wash the sin
Only the food of their guts
Will calm down my omnipresent anguish

I see them lying down
They will be lying

I need to complete the lack of my life
This is not a question of determination
Just a matter of retribution
But I cant trust a human justice not created by me
Unproportioned sanctions, misplaced decisions
From uncertainty
Will rise my frustration

I will affirm my potency

The unidirection of my thoughts
A quest for satisfaction
Leading to the obsession
Whereby I build upon myself
This is the acquired right of my patterned actions
And of my soulless strife