If your heart has known such pain
Until for death it's crying
Only to have the lord refuse
Then you've been near my side

If in your heart somehow you know
You'll fail whate'er you do
Then you have walked a road of pain
Yes, you've been lonesome too

If you have had each joy of life
Destroyed and cast away
Then watch a heart that once knew love
Grow sadder day by day

If your soul is wilted like a rose
That's never felt the dew
You're traveling on the street of grief
Yes, you've been lonesome too

If for your wasted, wicked life
Your soul cries out in shame
And you could live it all again
It'd never be the same

If you've cried, "god, please bless the one
To whom i was untrue"
You've lived the life of regret
Yes, you've been lonesome too

If when the storms light up the skies
It seems you can't go on
Then from a vision your darling comes
You speak but she is gone

If then the tears flood down your cheeks
There's no one else for you
Then you can't ever hide from fate
Yes, you've been lonesome too

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