Now i played some hoes in my life
But i never played this hoe before
And i swear if it's coo hoe i only wannabe...


Man i speak with precision
Money's my religion
Freak how ya livin'
I'm fly like a pigeon
Dis is the mind of a rap cat
And get all the money n tha hoe's yo n never drive a hatchback
I talk shit in tha cadillac
It's about 2 a.m. my freak is sippin on cognac
She love me i love her right back
But yo its tha different kind of love
N killa with tha kisses n tha hugs
Thought she might cry like a dove
She know i got hustle in ma blood
She know i dont spit no scams
I like candy yams
I never jepordize who i am
I dont have to try to cross her
Man im her sponser
The word play i display it'll haunt her
Take these cd'z yo n bring tha cash back
Im a junkie for the money how you like that
How you like that
I bet you like that
I'll spank you like that
I think you like that


I live life like you think we didnt care
And leave tha scene with ma pinky in tha air
I left ma marks with dents and my imprints
And chopped it up with goldie my big friend
Discuss tha thang like whats tha game
When all fails its all hail we trust the game
And im confident
I spit it like no other on the continent
And i aint lookin for your sympathy or compliments
You work regardless put it aside
You might feel a lil pain thats just ya pride
Now baby wide open breakin tha rules
In tha shoes of a prostitute bout to choose
Im chosen all up in tha rhyme like a metaphore
Promote the queezy help me go get a hoe


You lookin at the vulture of the rap culture
You stare long enough you might see me just move on my poster
I might have to ice grill ya
If you talk out a line and the god dont feel ya
Ill put ya mind in a octagon
You devote ya whole world trying to play with khan
You ride around in tha flyest car
And catered at the bar
I had you shinin like a lucky star
And all you gotta do is take this and bring it back take this and bring it back take this and bring it back...shit
Now im laughin at tha money stackin all yo friends
And yo buddy pack is lookin fo this rap cat
Man its tha gift boss
And get the hot sauce
Dont ask what tha clothes or tha cars cost
I like to mad floss
N get ma hair did
N talk shit to a chick eatin spare ribs
She said she love me
I make her heart freeze
Alright baby then move these cds

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