I hate spying on u so won't u tell me the
truth where u go because you are part my
life and I don't know why u lie to me ever
since when we 1st dated each other so why
u doing this to so tell me everything that
u tell a big fat lie so u better say it out
about 6 minutes before I leave u behind your

Chorus:Get away stay away from me because u
broke my heart
Get away stay away because I don't want to
see u anymore how u treated me
Get away stay away run away fly away or
whatever u can do
Get Away Stay away from me

Boy,u better leave me alone before someone
mess u up and its not my falut that u always
tell lies to me and its not my falut that
u about fight against someone srong and u
shouldn't lie to me at all because I been
running from this crazy dude that was u
So u better get away stay from me
(Repeat Chorus 2times)

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