So this is where it starts
just a couple of kids looking for a good time
where can we go? what can we do?
somebody call some bitches!
throw down a couple of dollars
who the fuck is 21!?
lets not stress out now
we always find a way
you know we get what we want without delay!
chill the fuck out dude
party supplies on deck now
im ready to fucking rage
stocked up on cigarettes so everything should be okay
this party is way bigger than i thought that it would ever be
this will be sick
time to fucking rage
dont stop till the sun come up

this is the party life
smoke blunts all day, two-step all night

everything is spinning

lie, straight to my face
just because it didnt mean a fucking thing
doesn't mean you have the right to point fingers and blame

when the fire rises from the depths of hell
you'll be the first of many join us there!
when the fire rises from the depths of hell
say goodnight

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