I cash it for life fantastic
Less they gonna go , basket next to go
I'm a hundred in a book like x and o
Feel better than X and blow
Get half of my lines start texting notes
Get these niggers gazed up like texico
Watch a bitch probably texaco
Ever since I was a embrio had magic flow
Young dynamo, young killer,
Young ellen with a finer flow
Young rapid bow and the will of a half a cold
Can you celebrate it have a truce
Young sister please you're dope

I'm feeling fantasea

That's for the half of life,
No wrong the cash was right
The bitch bent twice like hasn't like
Want a great way to pass advice
Now I'm living for arsenal
Bring a fever like Fahrenheit
On a world like sanded light
They build that
They be girl by options right
DJ to the BH pass the light
Off from the passive type
I exite your life gaining acid
Better than your average
That is out there,blow the ship
'Til I blow some magic
Anything you want, you can have it
Trip trip trip, you wanna magic
Do you really really wanna ask us
Or the phoenix while you in the ashes
Going into depression,no puller no crashing
Numbers of the masses,one is to the nation
Anything you want, it's estamblished
Anything you want, you can have it

Boy I feel you
As I'm loving you, as I'm loving you
I'm gonna take you in a world ride classy
I'm feeling fantasea
I'm feeling fantasea
I'm feeling fantasea
I'm feeling
I'm feeling fantasea
I'm feeling fantasea
Loving you, loving you
Loving you, loving you

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