opening chorus:
Early in da moaring b4 I eats my breakfeast I gots to get down.(2x)
Late night in da eavning b4 I get to sleeping I gots to get down(2x)

oh goody goody got the morning woody.roll over so quick baby girl give it to what a quicky stabbin wit the stiffy.bustin bigger nuts then peter pan and jiffy.gimme a lil licky huggy and kissy kissy.and off last night I'm still a little wiggy.4give me girl if I damage ya but it feel like I'm on viagra.

Chorus: Early in da mornig b4 I eats my breakfeas I gotta get donwn(2x)

Well I'm a cheech imma chong grab da water bong.Hit it for so strong and hold it for so long.Imma rip imma run,roll a whole blunt,grab the vizene I'm feeling so crunk.check my watch connect my dots.scratch my croach I'm in the flip flops.all I hear is pots and pans in the sizzer.choreeso con webbos man it's off the hizzer.choken on that resido.I told ya'll man what I'm finsta know hydro he a friend of mine.take the monkey off my back like every time.Got a steelo.thats so like an eagle so high me and my amigos.another day another doller.another deal.wut u say huh huh wut u wanna kill.


who dat comin through,wuts really crackalackin wuts up with you.oh no not him again.he b rollin wit dem crazy ass bash you a fool on da cool I'm just sain keeps it real wut dem other fewls playin for.holla holla all my enchidolla' everybody thinkin it's cool to hit another.But man hold up I'm on a new page.ya'll sum haters up in my mist get out my koolaid.I'm quick to spark up and steal sum body's lighter.I get cocked mouthed and eat sum jumbaliya.oh my mya oh ya ya.b4 I make love I push it in the air.twice last night and once in the morning.I gots to gets down so I could gets goin.


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