Here we go go!
You better listen
The b-b-b train is riding on a rhythm
We know they're hungry so we better feed them
Skip the bullshit and give some of oh!

Pick up your clapping hands and pay attention
From the middle east to the open nations
We're coming straight to your ears no complications
Az yalla yalla come on give me some of oh!

Give me give me some of oh!

Cama tov li be-america
Lishtot café ve-sufgania ba-park im erica
Ve-im maspik mivta ulay tiye po neshika
Adif lishmor al akhla look - psychopetica

Menagen la serenada behermetico
Ve-hi rotza sheani estom ta-pe ve-eleh mipo
Ani nihnas le-dica'on amok hermetico
Rotze habaita o yoter nahon - le-mexico

Lesahek ota cmo eze mariachi
Be-halifot shkhorot shel gucci o versace
Menagen ba-rhov le-cova rek be-shanti
I love america, tire le'an hazarti!
Buya buya!

Come along children
Have a good music, like old times...

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