Yes Nyah, Cool nuh Iyah
Who Am I, is just the girls dem sugar
(Alright), hear yah nuh

Chorus: Sim simma, who got the keys to my Bimmer
Who am I? The girls dem sugar
How can I, make love to a fellow?
In a rush, pass mi the keys to my truck
Who am I? The girls dem luck
And I and I will make love to Precious

Verse 1: Yu ever buck a gal weh deep like a bucket
Draw fi yuh needle and yuh needle can't stitch it
Draw fi yuh axe and like a cow yuh all a chop it
Draw fi yuh pickaxe and like a rung yuh all a dig it
Is like a riverside upon di banking, yuh tek it
Is like a bicycle so yuh hold it and dash it
Now yuh wash it so yuh crash it she a tell yuh sey yuh crabbit
Gal she a beg yuh and a bawl seh fi stop it
Bad man plug in and mi love off a electric
Is like a basketball she tek time out fi vomit
Unuh listen to mi style and unuh listen to mi lyrics
A Beenie Man dey yah, mi a drop it (a seh)


Verse 2: But anything she wants, I will give it unto she
I can't believe the day mi friend dem tell me dat she flee
I don't believe it's angry and I don't believe it's grief
I don't believe its Susan or the other girls I breed
The love for me she have that is the only thing I need
I don't think den right now just to lose my main squeeze
Oh guantamena, yuh a killer
Gal di way yuh hot have mi body under pressure
Man see yuh body all a kill mosquito
Hold yuh body right just fi know yuh got di power

Chorus I tell myself I don't want nobody else to ever love me
You are my guiding star, my shingling light, I love you baby
But that day you leave me and you gone
I know that girls they're going crazy
I know the girls lumpsome all dem run come
'Cause di hola dem want this baby
I told you one and I told you twice
That I am the girls dem sugar
Now the girls dem attack me and di girls dem a rush mi
Because dem a drive in a Bimmer
A di girls dem flavour, I am no slaver
I am the helper, no paper
An a girl just a watch yah
A want unuh hear yah an listen weh di deejay a seh

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