"i!!! - am the magnificent..."
{*biz beatboxes a scale, repeating the last note*}
"i!!! - am the magnificent..."
{*biz: boom, ah one two, ah one two - followed by clicks*}
"i'm the {?} most honored, storied, sound of soul!"
{*cool v scratches: "go off, go off!"*}

[verse one]
Hey to everybody and, people that say partyin
It's time to hear a funky rhyme from me the biz markie again
As i just display 'em, the way i like say 'em
The stutter steppin style that i use to amuse and hey
I'm the original, hellified king-ing
For freaky sound, for throwin down, and you know that i'm bringing
The crowd to enjoyment, by what i do
Like {*ah-oww-oww wahhazoow, boom, ah one two*}
I keep the people cheerin, because of what they hearin
Movin and groovin, to a devestatin sound that's glarin
Because they're in the mood for me
The b-i-z the emmezah-emmezah-a-r-k-i-e
The party rippin, never trippin, king of crowd pleasin
I can turn it out without a doubt in any season
I entertain crowds, a million and thous'
Homeboys makin noise, as i do browse through a girl's blouse
Say the funky rhyme to make the girls get naked
I can turn it out, with different sounds on my record
That i say give 'em, as y'all exault the rhythm
The magnificent record maker of prism

[chorus: repeat 2x]
The biz, mark, is, ah goin off
The biz, mark, is, ah goin off
The biz, mark, is, ah goin off
The biz {*"go off, go off!"*}

[verse two]
Ha ha ha ha ha! check out this bizarre
Rappin style used by me, the b-i-z
Emm-a-r-k-i with the e and, you will be agreein
A brother ain't a brother unless he is say like g'n
Up with his technique and, keep the people freakin
Like me the b

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