My right foot itches : something going on wrong
My right foot itching me : and I just can't stay here long

I thought I'd write : but it's the best to telephone
For that fast mail train : can carry your sugar so far from home

Girl I can't live right : ain't going to try no more
This woman's left town : and she ain't coming back no more

I went to the depot : and I set my suitcase down
I thought about my baby : and tears come rolling down

I said ticket agent : how long your train been gone
Say yon go the train : that this fair brown left here on

I couldn't buy [me] no ticket : but I walked on to the door
Well my baby left town : she ain't coming here no more

I got up this morning : my sure‑enough on my mind
I had to raise a conversation with the landlady : to keep from crying

Excuse me woman : I won't say that no more
I'm fixing to leave town : and hang crepe on your door

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