I'm going to tell you why : I got Lemon's lowdown worried blues
I left my meal ticket down at ??? : my pot of chitlings boiling a little past noon

Lord I'm worried here : worried everywhere I go
I worried my rider so late last night : she had a mule wagon backed up to my door

I woke up this morning : took a walk till the break of day
I asked for a woman to marry me : and I just made my get‑away

I woke up this morning : woke up about half past ten
Ease my head in the window : she's singing Lemon's worried blues again

Worried so bad : can't tell my stockings from my shoes
I lay down last night : with Lemon's lowdown worried blues

Lord what makes that [banty] rooster : he keeps crowing for the dawn of day
His man better watch his footsteps for the hen : now doggone his ways

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