Back on track after years of distraction
The truth is an effect I couldn't find in the peace
Try dealing with authentic situation
Caught in between dreams and a proper education

We came to a point where we all said end it
We all said the same but no one wanted to admit it
Living the stable, running into a label
Back to square one, all cards on the table

Come on, sing along

Going up and down since 1995
Ten years of service done
And I step out of the line

True is the spirit, the heart of this band
Bet all in when you've got a good hand
Ten years of service done

And I know you mother fuckers are starting up without a singer
I raise my right hand, giving up my middle finger
My ego's somewhat big, I don't listen to your shit
You tired and stupid bunch of fucking hypocrites!

Okay, I've got a couple of blank spots here
I need to fill them in
So I wrote this little poem
It goes like this

Ten years of service done
It's been a hell of a time
Thank you for the invitation
But I'm stepping out of the line

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