You can accept it. You will leave those state troopers guttered with their own barbarity. If you can accept it, you will do something that will transform conditions here, so im not worried this afternoon. However dark it may be. However difficult it may be. I know that it is true that truth whatever understand it. Wrong forever on the throne.

I been trying to gather my niggas for battle/We outta control we cant be handled/We shake the police in the stand off 44 magnum bustin it random at'em/Getting ready for the chaos soon ill be bustin my shit at the mayor/If you get caught up with nothin to save ya, gauges spray and break ya down nowhere/Know where before them attackin/Im gonna relay all the bullets and shoot it if it aint black owned then we loot it/Dont get reloaded burn this bitch down lets do it/We aint marchin we aint talkin we keepin our eye on the target/ So as soon as the shit get started we gon pop pop pop pop that body pop that body/Them popo don't want beef, they want this war out on the streets with me and my T.H.U.G.S/Bitch you freeze you under arrest and you got the right to die and guess who's pullin the switch? And I cant wait to see you fry

Got no luv 4 the law/But I shed blood for my dogs/Got no luv 4 the law/But I shed blood for my dogs

Today, it's time to stop, singing and start swinging. You cant sing up on freedom. But you can swing up on some freedom.

I never did have no love for the system/Man them law aint fit to protect me/Im just a nigga tryin to live the American dream/But you wanna arrest me and for what?/Because im shinin blingin mad because I rhyme and sing, I got too much money I got too many guns/Your pitiful life aint got no meaning and I know you schemin, L-Burna done got legit now, bitch you sit on the ground you get on the ground you aint talkin that shit now/Wanna spit rounds, ya know the cop'll bring the regime and helicopters/Strapped, with Techs and 9, for ones in the sky I got a grenade launcher/Aint nuthin to do today, so what ima do?/Ima bust on the cops/Shoot the street light out on the block, dial 9-1-1 sit back and watch/I can hear them sirens comin, ima teach these foos not to fuck with me and the outcome was a catastrophe/ Doin this one squeeky till my brothers free!

United we stand divided we fall, for the same bullshit like snipers on Whitehouse lawns/On that good shit, niggas from Compton to Africa on that thug shit, Reginald Denny, no comment/I lost my blood with the gat that Carlos, gave us Lord/I cant love shit, as the police extend they givens/Im above, these conceptions, I know they attentions, with war with my Smith & Wesson/Pulla me weapon, embrace in the Lord/Feel the spiritual resurrection through my pores/In the storm with the allies of war/ No, college scholarships shit, gotta get it, gotta burst the clip, on the block warriors plottin on king pin licks/Flip burgers I just cant see it, Ima face more green with Bone Thugs and one night, no secrets/Fuck the Feds, it aint no love at all for me and pull me over with police dogs lickin my scrotum

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