I�m not leaving, I ain�t going...you never asked me to! So I�ll sit and smile here with you, like I never thought I�d do. Wash the walls and paint the windows, polish face and shave the shoe. I got gal and I got friends, like I never thought I�d do.

I never thought the sun would rise in the east and set in west; I figured I owned just dark skies and that darkness ft me best. Here I is, all thin and balled-up, wrapped up in a coat of you. I ain�t hemmed-in, I ain�t walled-up;

I am free and I�m loving you. I can snooze and I can amble. I can jump when you say �boo.� Freedom is a hard-won gamble; so is holding things like you. My chest swells and my nose snores; it�s all okay by you. I�ve never felt this welcome before...

I�d a never thunk, would you? Serves one right. No need to think. It will all be laid before us, and god will guide us to our graves, smiling, singing: Go folks! Go forth! Go folks! Trust your brain! Trust your body!

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