The blue light flashes, Billy feels its motion
He says, "Should I go and set it free?"
Black-eyed Suzie picks up on the notion
She says, "Put it in the lonely tree"

He says, "Babe, babe
We best sharpen our imagination"
He says, "It seems like the rest
Don't comprehend the situation"

I don't hear you
All the words that come and go, don't say what I'm after
I don't hear you
Scream it through a microphone, whisper in a deadly tone
Don't hear you, uh hum, not you

Jane's a dancer in quiet desperation
She says, "What I give I give for free"
Her twin sister feels the same sensation
But says, "You must buy it all from me"

She says, "Oh I feel best
When the rest is all uncertain"
She says, "Thoughts in my breast
Just hang there like a burning curtain"

I don't hear you
You don't matter, you don't care, I don't call that living
I don't hear you
What you say don't reach inside, it is like you're gagged and tied
I don't hear you

He said, "Go with the flow
Though the currents can bring danger"
You didn't know
You were dancing with a desperate stranger"

I don't hear you
I've been dealing with deaf ears, I don't need no laughter
I don't hear you
It ain't hard to analyze, I know what you're really after
I can't hear you

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