I drive a 69 (sixty nine) Lincoln with suicide doors
A modified engine I put 4 on the floor
Head lights glowing like the devils eyes
When I fire it up you'll go blind

From the tail pipe we got red brimstone
When I drive by it rattles your bones
The horn howls like the hounds of hell
Got demons in the backseat ringing those bells

Fuel and fire got no place to hide
I ride the lightening and I never die
Fuel and fire can't you read the signs
I am in your head I fall from the skies

The highway that I run is paved with ash
I always borrow and I never pay back
Poor little souls praying for their loved ones
I won't stop burning till the killing gets done

If you feel the ground shake and see black clouds roll
I'm going to warn you I'm stirring the coals
When you see me coming it is too late
If your eyes on me then you've sealed your fate

I am the anti-Christ I am the anguish that you wear
I am your covering a long piercing dead stare
I am your veil of flesh that blinds you from the truth
I am humanity the mortal man shall never rule

I am the drugs you take that gets you closer to your God
I am all the things that you never thought you would become
I know you hate me for it's written in your own blood
So go ahead and kill me and you'll stand where I have stood

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