As the sun comes up on another day
And the bright light drifts into our mutual mind
I start to sing without any disarray
And I broadcast my melody, via basic 5
Everybody starts to sing with me
The wind whistles across the snow
But it wont affect our psychic flow
On this planet we are free
The circle is broken, and we've cleared the debris

'Cause being an Ood, is better when you're free
I can sing all day now I'm out of captivity
Running through the snow with my brain in my hands
I feel like your song is coming to its end

Its hard to think about what's happened to my kin
Once an empty slave race, but now thinking again
It's such a shame that all those humans couldn't quite construe
We aren't just a reflection, we're just the same as you
So throw away your credits, and give us our free will
We know we're a bit ugly but we're friendly as hell
Hopefully without us you won't pine away and die
We want to live our own lives now, at least let us try

And even if you hate us, and think that we're all scum
We live on different planets so I'm sure you'll succumb
Friends of the Ood we thank you, for everything you've done
You've been so good to us, and our new lives have only just begun

So let's just be friends

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