I love my stuff babe : I want to give it *a hop*
And my rider's got the ??? shivers : swear it just won't stop

Oh I know she want it hard babe : sure don't want it chawed
It would break my heart : if *the ??? need* no more

And I keeps on telling my rider : well she was *shivering* down
Lord that jelly‑baking strut : will make a monkey‑man leave his town

Oh the light burning dim : ??? *terrible near*
It must a‑be the devil : inside this barrel of gin

Oh I'm going to leave Mississippi now babe : before it be too late
It may be like Twenty‑Seven Highway : swear it just won't wait

Oh I once had a notion : Lord I believe I will
I'm going to go to the river : and stop at Dago Hill

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