I am here the moment's golden
Golden's worth what silence is
Nothing's worth the word unspoken
Can't you see now you are blind?

Take a breath jump into water
Realize it's just knee deep
Looking down to see my own face
Soaking wet behind my ears

What's the time
So far: behind!
Seems to me tomorrow's cancelled
Eyerything that's here is late

Kept alive raised into madness
Bigger, better, faster: more!
Can you really dream a nightmare
Leave me bleeding on the floor

Hurry up! - There's no time left
doesn't lead me anywhere
Run away as fast as I can
Watch me crawling next to you

Got no idea where I lost it
Did I really lose at all?
Thinking 'bout it makes me nervous
Can´t afford another try

Forget about these aims to claim
Here is where the now takes place
Week's an hours' minute crawling
Pressure´s killing creation!

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