The killer's hands were all that the photograph revealed
The evidence gonna take time to bloom
But the image has been doctored and the negatives are scarred
We will never know what happened in that room
Questions like those are hardly worth the raisin'
But it ain't too late to call off the investigation
No it ain't too late to call off the investigation

The officers attendant they were always polite
And happy to refill your mug
"I'm gonna clock out early now that the paperwork's in order"
You'd think that hole was already dug
"A schedule like that gonna eat up my whole vacation…
Y'know I got half a mind to call off this investigation…
Yea, I got half a mind to call off the investigation"

Oh…that sound in the basement's just the termites diggin' in the wood
Well, the rafters grow thinner and the floor starts to sag
You promised you would always let me know
But tonight your heart will grow a hood

There's an old steamer trunk in the corner
I know the lock is rusted through cause I tried
All the letters that he wrote but never had the guts to send
Some strings will never be tied
Bloody footprints on the floor of the New Jersey Transit station
And an anonymous phonecall woulda salvaged this whole operation
He was headed out to Newark with a standby reservation
Yea, he was sleepin' on a bus out of town…
When they started the investigation