I make mistakes like any man
But I try to love you best I can
I can't convince you
Though, heaven knows I try
I've tried to make you see
To make you believe
You're all that matters to me
The ground that you walk
The air that you breathe
Someday you'll discover
I don't want no other
Believe me
You're all that matters, baby
All that matters to me
I know that you've been hurt before
But that won't happen anymore
Just give your heart to me
I'll guard it with my life
I don't know what I'd do
Baby, without you
People looking for paradise
Well,baby, I know that I found mine
And if you don't believe it,baby
Take a look at the love in my eyes
Oh I'll be with you, baby
'Til the end of time
I'll be alright,baby
Just as long as you're mine

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