Babe... you are so nice for this place!

Heyy!! Don't make a mistake! This place are just for pigs! The "pig haven"!

The apex will be your dying at this night! Countdown to the misery!!!!

one, two, three for this... the simple count for you do.

the clock is counting now.. "Tic Tac, Tic Tac, Tic Tac"...
Get up! or... down!

I know that you expecting for more. But learn a lesson. This life not will be fair for us!

Wake up or die if you fall through this life.
Wake up or die if You fall through this times.

Now we can't stay waiting! Cause we're still at the war against about that.

take or give. face or hiding. Rat or man, This is your choice for kept your mind straight.

Right now you can! Just listen and understand!

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