Get That Money Thats My Top Commitment
Yall Niggaz Just Talkin Yall Politicians
But Let Me Get Slick Real Quick
Like Rick Without The Patch On My Eye Take A Patch Out The Sky Cuz Im Fly
I Say That A Lot And Imma Keep On Thousand Dollar Jeans On Nigga Keep Going
Keep Walking Peace Holmes
You Won'T Find Me At My Beach Home
Im Out Cha Reach Arm
I Gotta Speach For Em
Um Fuck Them And Whoever Know Em
Im Steppin In Revorlters With A Nasty Ass Virgo
She Feeling My Gangsta I Aint Even Have To Game Her
But That Came Natural Sorta Like Magical
How I Dissappear When I Dip In The Bathroom
But Ill Be Back Soon Fucking With Them Raccoons
Like Jacki Gleason On His Honey Moon

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