You showed me love and happiness
Why don't you realize what I'm
Trying to say in mind
I cry

Girl I can't belive you left me so alone
How can something must you go so wrong
I thought my baby
That you were mine. Mut you werw gone

The way a feel nobody will believe
But those good times I hade inside
Will never be destroyed

You took my love leaving back
My word apart
You took my love now I'm sitting
Here and crying

I'm crying
I'm crying
I'm crying over you

Cand That's the why I'm crying girl

Girl would you tell me what I'm
Suppused to do
To have you back start something you
Tell me why you like to be so cruel
The away I love you I can feel it in
Your touch but every thing you did
To me will never be destroyed

Crying over you I'ts all I can do
When you find some body new
I would fight over you girl listen
Why don't you better just understand
That I'm the one that wanna
Be your man
And compreend all my sentimento
And if you don't like me
You lamiento you better choose
Cause all that I can do
Is just to cry

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