Out on the floor each night, I'm really movin'
The band's is wailin' right i feel like groovin'
The chicks are out of sight and i am grooving
The crowd is in tonight beggin' for more

I am on the floor tonight, I feel like singin
The beat is running right and guitars are ringin'
I'm really on tonight and everything swingin'
The room is packed out tight, light at the door

I Get My Kicks Out On The Floor

When I'm out on the floor, it makes me feel like a king,
Everybody here, don't you know what I mean
It makes me wanna move (makes me wanna move).
It makes me feel that groove (make me feel that groove).
I wanna twist and shout (makes me twist and shout).
Work it on out (make me work it on out)

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