Caught amidst stupidity
The ignorance of man
I cannot understand why everyone
Has come to terms with this perverted dream weaving reality
As for now I still fail to see the greater plan

While the thunder storms the Northern sky
Illuminated clouds of revolution roll on by
Signalling the coming of moral alteration
To save us from damnation
Can't stop the tears of joy
I gently start to cry

Visions of a better world
That suddenly appear within my dreams
Shaking my subconsciousness wide awake
Yet the eyes of the world remain deep asleep

Like a meteor swarm clearing out the surface of my mind
And only deeper thoughts and meanings can be found
In the dawn of a new world order
No longer will I suffer from the chaos of mankind

The visions that haunt me at night
Will fade away at sunrise
Eyes closed, forever blind
All hope gone in a sigh

The night is gone (a night so dark)
Dreams have faded away (faded to grey)
Visions went by unobserved (unseen)
…Prophecies unbelieved…

Blind eyes to see
The future that would be
Dormant forever, yet fully awake
To witness the fall and make
This tragic life's painful memories

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