Listen o my old friend
Hear my song echoing out through the archways of the elms
On the leaves my bare feet tread
I leave a trace of my existence with my bitterness and aims

Surrounding by a cloak of haze
Lacerating trying to wound my weary flesh and firm belief
Step by step in this dark maze
I try to find a sign that leads me far away from the relief

All the miles to cover
A little closer to the gate
I face this storm crying out my wail

Through perilous, insidious ways
I walk uneasy steps, I'm led by grief
The soil I tread is crumbling
Like shifting sands is eating me away
It's taking me under, no air to breathe, no blood to bleed

Wake the fury, the cry for mercy
Feel the winter's fire
Back to old days where I can recall
My candid unready desires
Abortion, contention turned to new life and redemption
Carried away by all that's said and done I'm a teardrop away
From salvation
From my own liberation

Now the time has come and my path undone
All the boundaries've been broken, chains are dead and gone
Now the time has come and I am the one
A reign of renewal, carved on my roots
The king of the elves is back

One night I heard the owls say
Find the truth beneath the stars and travel back to heaths of green
A memory from long ago
Vague are floating like a branch I need to cling to

I have been under siege
But overwhelmed my enemies
I'm still alive, prevail the realm

Standing by the oak tree, crooked bones all over me
Knock, knock, hear the clock
The spiders are now stitching up
Standing by the ghost tree, lumpy, knotty old tree
Tic, toc, tic, toc
All my time is running out

I yearn for my release, disheartened bars contrived with hurt
A weave of broken dreams is caging me yet I will run away
Tear it up, tear it up, tear it up

The light of a new day is born
Caressing with its morning breeze
Crimson winds are gone with dawn
With every memory to seize
Stand and hail the sovereign
Dethroned, banished in slavery
Acclaim and revere the new king
Crowned with just our reverie
Our dream and fantasy

Dreaming away
Find another way to live
And find another dawn and another place
Dreaming away
Try to be so strong within
And find another path and another road
Dreaming away
Give relief to the scars of yesterday
Washing away
All the blames you have already paid for

Now the time has come and I sing my song
Of a small boy chasing daydreams, reaching high above
Now the time has come and I am the one
The passionate heartbeat and my soul ablaze
I have been crowned

Abduction, subversion, deep inside, a wild commotion
No more at war with all that's said and done
I have finally conquered salvation
And my own liberation

With tears in my eyes I now follow my heritage
I have been crowned the new elvenking

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