Friday night, about 12 o'clock
the most fucked up club in town.
and you're really down at heel when you're there to hang around.
one single good friend left this night
both of us damn drunk and tired.
no indication, no sign that anything could turn out fine.

Another senseless night in a stupid life.
and nothing will turn out fine.

But suddenly
seemed like a dream this girl appeared right next to me.
and i was sure she'd ask me for a lighter, beer, dope or something else for free.
"i noticed you right from the start"
at that point she broke my heart.
"and i want to get to know you"
where's the camera of this fucking show?
"would it bother you if I kissed your lips?"
oh man i'm on incredible trips.!
let's go there's nothing left to say.

What an awesome night, it is a beautiful life.
and everything will turnout fine

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