You're a book, you're a photograph
You're a plague on the wall
Or a knickknack haiku
You're the voice of a guilty man
Who doesn't call your name
Until he needs to be lied to
Call me vicious
Cast your stones on me
You're the death of a million men
You're the face we dend
With a patient virtue
You're the judge of when a life should end
Or when a war begins
You're such a perfect statue
Wear your necklace
Like you wear your noose
Fear your comfort any way you choose
I'm not like you

I'm alone, I'm not lonely
I can't let you in
I feel like choking then holding
You're breaking the skin
This isn't hope that I'm holding
No love you can give
Not lonely, I've chosen
To bleed here again and again

Now I
Wake up to the sound of the mourning
I feel infection
Eyes shut
To the absent heartbeat
Too late to question
Will you surrender
Will you lose
I love the way you blur your vision
I feel your passion
Never give up until the path you're living
Finds your intention
Call me evil cause I'm not like you
Fear your comfort any way you shoose
I'm not like you

One man buys the life
That someone controls the night
He died

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