Are you saying love? Or are you saying nothing?
Still life is a crime that I can't ignore
Your perfect ways will follow the temperature that's rising
All this time you never let me think

It was the hardest part to know
It was the fastest we could run
It was the furthest we could go
You are a lie, my angel

Cause for hate and cause for ending
It sounds so easy, but every time we were supposed to let go
we'd make love "now pull me closer, let the heat take over" (you)
Call me your way, call me away
Don't end it open
I tried to love you like before;
If this was our night it was the best one of our lives

Are you saying now? Or are you saying never?
Your still-frame in my mind cannot be ignored
And all I can remember is the way you moved your body
And how your lips never said "no"

But it was killing you inside
'Cuz you thought I was the one
And now it's out of your control
You have arrived, my angel

We were drawing lines not to cross
So we would never feel a thing
But now it's breaking you apart
Just like it broke your heart

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