Down by the hillside
In a cave by the sea
Lies the heart made of stone
Waiting For Me
For what can awaken an angel
My angel so soon
Whose sleep has been taken
Beneath the cold moon?
Stars in their orbit
Shane pale through the light
Of the warining moon
In midtime of night
Herself in the heavens up above there
Her beam on the waves
I gazed for a while
On her cold smile
Oh, this loss is everywhere
Gone - in the wind
Oh, we had a dream to share
Bring it back, back again
There's a stir in the air
Is it my will on the breezes to toss
Like the lone albatross
On the harmony there?
If I could shake from my wing
Each hindering, each hindering thing!
For the dew of the night
Would weight down my flight
And true love caresses
O, leave them, leave them apart
They are light on the tresses
But lead on the heart

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