An army approaches!
This is the Word from the mouth of God.
And in it's power you will find life.

We are the watchmen of the new generation,
and we will stand faithful;
as intercessors and as prophets,
as those who call down the breath of God to fill the dead.
Know they will arise.
Prophesy: "Dry bones, claim your life".

This is the river of life,
and it will flow from the place of worship.
He is the giver of life and at His voice,
the mountains will fall.
But, I will not be afraid,
for I am a chosen one of God.
I will not be afraid,
but I will stand for you.

We will rise up,
and we will stand prepared,
and we will fearlessly defend this city.
But, we will not stand alone.
Holy Spirit fall,
and breath your life into us.

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