Monday's on,
the dark hour is gone,
tears of blood washed
away to be here.
Order's up,
the life blood is sucked...
from the soul of Nosferatu.

I feel a cold chill through
the shimmering heat,
it's hard to maintain
the gloom when you're pushing
the meat-lover's through.

The only goth in the pizza shop.
Twilight, this harsh light,
it burns, Live sacrifice,
2 for 1 and a free coke.

I see your black eyes
through the shimmering heat,
you look like My Dying Bride
with a nametag that says
"Hi, I'm Steve".
The only goth in the pizza shop.


Had enough, the black moon is up.
Prince of dark
will unleash his vengeance.
Now little Stevie's had a change of luck,
and he was right all along,
working in retail sucks.
I see the fury and the lust for blood,
I sense a hint of a smile
now there's finally
something to eat.
The only goth in the pizza shop.

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