So here you lay
your mind betrayed by what you see
now the line is crossed
your curtain's falling
you turn your back me again
against the devil you cant win
but soon you'll turn to me with
arms wide open
You can't live again
you signed your fate away
to me
you can't breathe
Their eyes, find me
beneath the darkness where i lay

you can't run this
through the
through the
(dark) you can't run this time

You can't save me this time
you've tied the knot
by yourself
you've sealed you fate
you've sealed the vault
with me outside

Through the dark
they shall march
Forever we will fight

The fire you feel
the light inside
distorts the feelings you should hide
you tear away
you tear away from me
can't say the words that set you free
words that bring you to your knees
and know you turn to me with
arms wide open

Remember as their falling
(we'll march, we'll march)

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