I've been trying to write a funny song
But nothing seems to change the circunstances
I've been trying to change you into another one
But at this game every one I find
They are all the same
I've been looking for a new place to go and live
And I've been thinking of going back
Home tomorrow morning
I've been waiting to be the first one all the time
But they started running and I didn't
Ever hear the warning
In the morning
The sun alaways goes down
In the evening
I feel like a boring and sad clown
And when the night comes,
It's too cold and no one's around

What I want is that you be
The last one in my life
Who came suddenly freezing all my
Thoughts in my mind
Leaving the feelings inside of me
Out of place
Congesting my senses covering my eyes
And kissing my face

I never know how to play this love game
Every way I try things keep on the same
But I'm always trying
Wasting all my time
Swimming in my weepings
When you don't mind

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