People always say that life has a limit
As if everything's marked with time
Acreditar que quando eu te encontrar
Tudo vai se encaixar
So let's run away
Far from hate and far from pain

Sem olhar pra trás
E sem medo de errar

A chance eu vou te dar
Figure what's on my mind
E o tempo vai passar
But not this time

So I will give it a try
Descobrir no que pensar
Because we all fall
Vou me encontrar…

As chances são pequenas
E as consequências não
Don't you dare turn around
Please trust your own feet
Não há mais tempo pra perder
A chance esta aqui

Leave no trace behind
let's go until we get it right

A chance eu vo te dar
Figure whats on my mind
E o tempo vai passar
But not this time

Só temos que tentar
E nossos medos enfrentar
I have to do what I need
It's good to know what I really feel
And it feels good to be in my own skin
I'm glad you brought me in
I always wished I knew to fly
Baby glide across the sky
But I smile because tonight I know I'll feel all right

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