Let´s start a fire, put this city to flames
Come on baby i know more than you think
So what´s the difference between you and me?
The difference is that i stand up for my beliefs

A liar, a victim, i´m empty - a fake
Come on baby i know i´m everything that you hate
Fuck it - who gives a damn anyway?
Your empty eyes unveil the shape of your face

Living in a ghost town (we live in a ghost town)

I just want to stay here in the dark
This way i won´t look at your face
Yeah i heard that you got it all (strangers)
You´re empty just like me
All the promises that you once made
Were dead from the start

Faces, all of them without expressions
Words with no meaning - i´m broken
Esteem down the gutter, betrayal is too easy to feel
Emptiness fills the wound

Stranger, i´ve seen a thousand places - i´ve written on the walls
You should know that in the end scars don´t mean anything

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