Yagga o (yagga o)
Yeah I (yeah I)
Yagga o

They said I'm nothing but I have them told them keep talking
No when they see me they hand them hands on keep walking
Doesn't hurt to see me shine I'm getting realy one one dv time
I make them dosido just to screaming yagga o

Somes like to prakting like enemies
To think fore one's that they are friend a whe
When they see you rolling through the street they try to act cool
But playing here is never ever does you

Men thought that I would fall
No I got it all
They thought that I will fail
That I just end up in jail
Look at me now(look at me now)
Look at me now
Look at me now(look at me now)
Look at me now now now

They say that whe won't last
Whe came up where to fast
Whe getting biger and better with every day that past

Look at me now and the gamcanoido
Girl from the west and piece me I look every where and no no no

Mama told my spread your wings my son and fly
And always mikerup your while your are your mothers child
They said your nothing but son just tell them keep talking
So when they see you they hand them hands on keep walking


Soo when you hussel that make you feeling
Just put your one's up too the seeling
Cause whe don't know how to lose no way
So pleas just listen to the words onoesay I

Just imagine dat it was comming up
You try to come in but you can get a wop
Nobody can realy hear your stuff
Cause the dj isn't realy play your cart
I'm top of the show realy here your god's
The guy's realy that I'm am your boss
I'm blowing bigger then a african boss
But don't hate me cause you don.t doing like us

I know I good so why I should to prove
I give my best cause I no shit to lose
No is it time take your copps but give me mine
Till the day I'm here to rest every day I'm shoult be the bvi

[Chorus x2]

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