Yes yes, yes, ladies and gentleman, children of all ages
Niggas and bitches, crackers and hoes of all colors
They say the world is coming to an end
Thats right, they say the world is coming to an end my nigga real, real soon
Yeah, what you gonna do about it?
Yea, yea

Yes, straight out the ville and i'm blessed
Never met death, atleast not yet
Off to the place where they rest under flowers
Niggas get wet up like sex in the showers
Dear lord, what am i hear for?
Is it the hoes or the money or is there more?
I know the world bout to come to an end
So before it does can i finish up my sentence
I see your double printed, as if he winnin
This is the bottom of the 9th inning
I'm come to bat like light skinnin
Where the sad sight lookin at my gas light
Damn and i just threw 10 in it
Look, 5 dollars wont get you what it used to
Look, love dont mean what it used to
And everybody and their mama on youtube
Is it just me? or is this unusual?
Don't wanna lose ya, just wanna reach ya'll
So let me slow down, to the beat ya'll
Put the remote down, move your feet ya'll
One time for the niggas holdin that heat ya'll
Keep that tucked before someboody gets hurt
Said yeah i'd rather cut catch your body give birth
Now if you was the last nigga walkin on earth
Turn this up, clap your hands, light this whats hurts, murk

Trust the world aint spinnin for too much longer my nigga
Hope you ready me and you both goners,
But in the meantime homie do what you like
Just, just do what ya like
Just, just hey, hey, hey
Trust the world aint spinning for too much longer hey baby
Hope you ready me and you both goners
So in the meantime shawty do what ya like
Just, just do what ya like
Just, just do what ya like, hey hey

I say money make the girls go down
They say money make the world go around
To my broke niggas, aint it the same if bill gates made it rain and the world gon drown
Can i get a dollar? shawty got low, impala
Made that ass drop, hydrola, holla
Know she got a man and i dont understand why he dont grab that bitch by the collar, foula
Look, i need my womad a little hood
Livin in a world where bad means good
That explains why the bad hoes attract him
That explains why bad rappers go platinum
Or gold these days, gold these day
If the world stop spinnin like an old dj keep playin
I need a little more time, pre payin
Just a few more dimes, we slaying
Keep praying, hoping, 2012 you gotta be jokin
Aint enough time and a nigga trying to sign
But the whole world gon lost their mind
Look, bombs over bagdhad, bullits in the ville
This is not a test, this is not a drill
This is all real, so before we all kill,
Let me get one more feel baby!

Earthquake, tsunami and hurricanes you meaner than katrina baby
I got to know your name before this thing is over
This might be the last song for the man upstairs,
Cut the lights on and shut this party down

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