They say anythings possible,
You gotta dream like you never seen obstacles
Chasing obscene profits so we ain't stopping for the red lights
Look in my rear view all i see is n-ggas headlights
Catch me if you can hoe
They try and sack me and i scramble
Look up in the sky you'll see exactly where i am bo
Hey, don't you see me man?

Making my wishes come true with no genie man
I got the keys to my beamer with no beanie man
I'm on these rich n-ggas ass no bikini man
I bring the real to the day the lord free me man
Never imagined that the kids would wanna be me man
Eh, could it be that i give the hopeless broke kids, hope
Caught me walking through the mall, looking like he seen a ghost
Silly head to approach, whats up young blood
Aint it strange, a year ago today i was counting change
Yeah hopping trains up in new york city
Though i gotta thank god cause if you weren't with me
Than i surely woulda died
You can throw the fork in me
This my new years resolution, dawg
No more pork in me
Uh, i aint no muslim though

Kuran butler i'm a wizard if he doesnt know
Its young simba, i'm ballin' til the buzzard blow
You try and kick the shit i kick you gon stub your toe
Boy thats just how tough i go
See this is my life work
This shit you callin classic, i be like that mic work
Want you to feel something new, thats how a dike work
And ask me bout pressure, they wanna see my pipe burst

Not tonight n-gga
Not tonight n-gga
Yeah, hey
Hey, man, hey

Man, i rap so vicious but i talk so politely
Never met a baby momma, momma who don't like me
Met a couple baby fathers though they wanna fight me
I hit her til she snooze, like the news n-gga nightly
Send her back to you when she no longer excites me
No she bitter with this n-gga
Cause he aint quite me
One things for certain baby, you are a wifey
Two things for f-cking sure
I am not the husband thoguh
So run back to him while you still can
He sticking with his wife and kid, yeah thats a real man

I was ashamed all along and i still am
We let the lust interupt something real, damn
Girl we grown so you gotta play your own position
I wouldn't say that you a hoe, just made a hoe decision
Eh, you can blame it on the liquor like a prohibitions
We both know thats what you wanted girl
I know you listening

Girl i know you listening
Uh i know you listening
Hey, yeah

Shout out to the bootleggers who supply my shit
The fans online trying to find my shit
And to then-ggas listening but wont buy my sh-t
And catch me in the street wanna ride my d-ck
Y'all n-ggas is the worst, see me like
"j. cole homie, can you sign my burnt cd"
N-gga please, an album ten dollars
You act like it's ten g's
This food for thought cost the same as 2 numbers three's
So at ease with that broke shit
We all tryna get a dollar boy, no sh-t
You know i feel ya pain, thats why i slang this hope sh-t
And give you lines that you rewind and think oh sh-t
These rappers talk a lot of money, cars and hoes sh-t
I give you that and a whole lot more sh-t
Than got richer and still rapping like i'm poor sh-t
You n-ggas thinnk you know sh-t, n-gga you don't know sh-t
Hoe bitch!!!

Yeah, cole bitch!!!
J cole n-gga

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