I push raisens on kids
and kids think its cool
'cus there not told to do it
by their parents and school
I'm the Pusher
I'm the Pusher

I'm a comin' luring with bans and boycotts
Girls, they'll smoke raisens
and they'll shoot up apricots
I know you can't resist me
'cus you wanna to smke some fruit
Check out my sweet-ass matchihg pants suit
I'm a bad ass, low-class pusher
Im' a booty-lickin, shocker-shaken pusher

Kids think drugs are cool
That is why I rule
I prevoke simple folk to a smoke
Take a dope, get your foot in my cloak

I'm a sky-high, hyperdiver pusher
I'm a smoke-screen, have-a-dream pusher
I'm a booty bumpy riden pusher
And in summary I'm the Pusher

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