She picked me from the crowd
She told her girlfriends about it
They told me she liked me
And asked me if I liked her
I said that I did
Somebody asked her to dance
She said yes, but it didn't last long
He told me why don't I move over
I found myself next to her
The other ones were giving me eyes
It seemed I liked all of them
They all went to talk together
When they came back they asked me if I liked her
And I said yes
Then she asked me if I liked her
I said yes I did
Her friends said bye bye, see you later
Then she took me by the hand
Walked me away to the other part of the place
Looking for a private place
We walked into the room
And she shut the door
We held an embrace
I couldn't remember the last time
She was everything I wanted to have
I didn't care about me
She thought I wasn't finished
I thought I never would be
She seemed so happy
That was what I wanted

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