[Tragedy Khadafi]
You about to witness a two five Jedi Minds collabo
You know what I mean?
The God Jus Allah

[Jus Allah]
Megatraum is a Martian feeding off weed and cash
I dash for my shipment of Roswell crash
You smash when you dash with the clashing ox
Saw you in half without a fucking magical box
Wet pussy always seems to splash my cock
I'm dead they just didn't leave the casket locked
Pass my block I let shots drill in your spleen
We're ill marines with hand held killing machines
Steal dreams with the armored steel
Guard your grill
Nigga, I was brought up by the ????? ????? ?????
Following Allah's will, horror in ???????
Caught up in the real
Don't give me cause to kill
Nocturnal, I stroll where the darkness goes
If I had to follow the moon across the globe
With the staff and white robe
I still hold metal
Disciples who walk on glass and rose petals

[Tragedy Khadafi]
Yo, last rites, we flash to blast twice

[Ikon the Hologram]
Jedi Mind 252 we mad nice

[Tragedy Khadafi]
We smash mics, and blast too precise

[Ikon the Hologram]
Fast 40 days and pray for 40 nights

Yo, I'm savage
I write rhymes in pitch blackness
Any motherfucker that front, is left backless
Y'all motherfuckers just burn into ashes
Trying to step into the zone with any passions
It's Black Sabbath
Put a slug in his grill

'Cause Jedi Mind two five thugs are for real
You ever think a ?????? ???? troubled and pale
'Cause a motherfucker like me ????? ????? ????
Y'all better pass the mic 'cause ????? ????
Y'all learn the Facts Of Life from Kim Fields
I don't know

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