Talkin' big but you don't really know
Your mouth is open but your mind is closed
The truth is comin' for all to sea
You'll realize you should have listened to me

Look around, you think you've got it made
You're so protected but you're so afraid
Lock all your doors keep your ear to the ground
Try to live your life so safe and sound

You think you got all the answers
But you don't really understand
You never take any chances
Sooner or later it gets out of hand

You gotta hold on, you're never letting go
It's time to make a change, you'll have soma stars to show
Into the fire you should be standing tall
Breaking down the wall,
And when you just can't look
You gotta face it all

Everybody tell you to play by the rules
Do you still think you're nobody's fool
They got you where they want you, you're so confused
You never learned to think for yourself
You leave it all for somebody else

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