It's happening now, get up and let's go
It's the right time, baby, it's the right time
Good bye and hello, leave it all behind
Work's done, have fun it's the night time

Out in the night, moving left, moving right
It's the right time baby, it's the right time
Get on the road, loosen up and stay tight
Both hands on the wheel, go and make it feel real

Let's go everybody, we're having a great time
Everybody let's go

Give it your all, get up and stand tall
It's the prime time baby, it's the prime time
Go for it now, show 'em that you know how
Hit the high sign baby, hit the high sign

Head's up, fot down, over the limit
It's the drive time baby, it's the drive time
Get in the game or you're not gonna win it
In the red zone going over the line

Don't wait too long you gotta pass it along
It's a fine line baby, it's a fine line
You've gotta be tough and you've gotta be strong
Let your light shine baby, let your light shine

Get in your groove
Making all the right moves
It's the right time baby
It's the right time

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