She was desperate
Down to her last hope
Now she crawls on her hands
And her knees through a crowd
On a dusty road
If she could touch Him
She knew He could make her well
Reaching and straining
She touched His garment
Healing fell

And this is the Jesus I want
Friend of the broken and weak
What He did for her (him) (them)
I know he'll do for me
This is the Jesus I want
Giver of life and peace
And still today He's reaching out
To you and me
This is the Jesus I need

He had lost his mind
There was nothing but evil
And anguish there in those
Cold dark eyes
But the day would come
Everyone would know
That the words of this Jesus
Could set free the captive
And make them whole

More than a story book fable
He is alive and He's able
To rescue anyone who believes

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