Finding forgiveness at the foot of your bed
Down on your bended knees
Listen to the voice replying inside you head
"Just leave your message please…"
Sometimes your life may seem it's turned upside down
And the strangest things are happening
But you just don't give a thought about it
Can you fix it with a drug or a drink?
And you're out of control
So you just can't stand to talk about it
God knows
Be careful what you wish for
Be careful what you wish for
Can you get frightened as the thought of the truth?
Or are you gonna win at last? (I don't think so)
Sometimes you wish you hadn't sinned in your youth
'Cos now you're living in the past
Honesty is not a word that springs into mind
In the dead of night, when if just ain't right
And you really could be losing it
You pray, "dear lord, just take those ghosts from my sight!"
But the line is dead, dial collect instead
Operator keeps refusing it…

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