Entering a room on an autumn night
I ran across a beautiful sight
From that point on when I was not looking at her
I said, nothing else looked quite right
Now I was not about just to let this go
I wasn't gonna leave
And not know the way her voice sounded
Against my ears
So I went over to say hello
And I whispered in her ear real slow I said...

The stars moved when you walked in the room
That's why I'm talking to you
My heart won't beat in the groove
Unless I'm talking to you
I know I'm not the only fool with eyes
And you'll get attention from all the other guys
I'm gonna stand here til you realize
Why I am talking to you

Now I had to take a minute to take her in
I did not know where to begin
Cause I was just moved by the way she dressed
And the way her dress hit her skin
Any girl who's met any guy will know
That some guys are just for show
So I looked into her eyes
And I said this is as true
As the truth goes, I'm gonna make sure
I let everybody know that


Let me take a minute to explain myself
Let me say some words that may help
The reason why I've got to be close to you
Is just that i don't want nobody else
I'm gonna make sure I keep you all to myself


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